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Sweet Moments Fairy Floss

Sweet Moments Fairy Floss specializes in crafting exquisite and unforgettable experiences for you and your guests.

Indulge in our expertly crafted Crème Brulé flavored fairy floss, meticulously created by our skilled team.

We firmly believe that fairy floss transcends being a mere sweet treat. It has the power to create lasting memories that will be cherished for a lifetime. With our enchanting fairy floss, we guarantee to bring joy and radiant smiles to the faces of all who indulge.

Cotton Candy
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Fairy Floss Facts

Some say that spun sugar originated in Italy as early as the 15th century.

A stick of cotton candy is around 110 calories.


Machine-spun cotton candy was invented in 1897 by dentist William Morrison and confectioner John C. Wharton

National Cotton Candy Day is December 7

Fairy Floss is known by many names.
In France cotton candy is known as daddy’s beard, in America, it’s Cotton Candy, in China - dragon’s beard, and in the Netherlands, it’s called sugar spider.

Make Your Party Sweet

Book your fairy floss, cotton candy, dragon's beard and sugar spider here.

Cotton Candy

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